Fleet Management

ICASAT is commercial partner of trinetra company in Iran.
In accordance with our mission, we have started partnership with trinetra to provide Fleet Management, Mobility & IoT Solutions services in IRAN.
Trinetra Wireless is more than 8 years innovative technology driven product & solution, company focused on providing Fleet Management, Mobility & IoT Solutions and Implementation in more than 15 Countries on the world.

Trinetra’s Fleet Management solution has unique advantages such as:
Fleet Maintenance & Management, Live tracking, route optimization, alert notifications and monitoring, comprehensive asset monitoring, service improvement, increase productivity and reduce operating cost by offering high quality and cost-effective fleet management solutions.
Trinetra offers comprehensive solutions for various industries and organization such as Oil & Gas Companies, Government & Police fleet, Travel & Tour Operators, Educational Institutions, Transportation, Freight, Logistics & Courier, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Healthcare Industry.

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