The satellite mobile market is changing rapidly. Demand for fixed price broadband services over Deep Ocean is soaring. In an effort to enhance efficiency of shipboard operations, ship owners and managers are implementing new broadband intensive software applications that facilitate fuel optimization, centralization of routine tasks to shore and remote PC Management and Maintenance. Demand for transmission of large files is also rising as ports require more and more information regarding crew and cargo prior to docking. Crew Welfare applications are also a significant driver for the growth of broadband.

Page-101-Small - CopyIn a labor market where attrition is high and the cost of recruitment and training is rapidly rising, Ship Owners and Managers know that such services as low cost ship to shore communications, cellular aboard ship and transmission of video clips and live and near live entertainment over IP TV increase crew retention rates.

In order to address Maritime industry challenges and requirements, ICASAT offers its services as managed services, as complete end-to-end solutions or as standalone services such as:

  • Internet Connectivity: bringing internet connectivity on the ship deck with a reliable and high speed satellite connection.
  • Private Networks: establishing a private network for your organization needs such as voice conferencing, file sharing and many more.
  • Marine Antenna: Auto-stabilized antennas suited for high dynamic platforms and vessels. 
  • Cellular Backhaul: spreading cellular networks on the ships and maritime vessels.
  • M2M and Tracking: Track your assets and vessels anywhere in the surface of the earth by M2M communication links and tracking terminal.
  • Satellite Mobile: accessing to mobile calls, sms and faxes by L-band satellite systems to bringing mobility to crews connections.
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