Energy and Mining

ICASAT has been providing telecommunications solutions for the mining and energy fields industry for over a decade. With the geographic and operational challenges that mineral resources exploration and mining sites present, reliable communications for remote operations, monitoring and management are vital in enhancing productivity and ensuring profitability. ICASAT provides reliable and cost-effective connectivity solutions and applications unique to mining sites and energy power plants that are continually being explored, constructed, exhausted and relocated.


In order to address Telco’s industry challenges and requirements, ICASAT offers its services as managed services, as complete end-to-end solutions or as standalone services such as:

  • Satellite Internet: it will connect you to the world through satellite-based connection.
  • Private Networking: establishing satellite based private networks for your company essential needs such as file sharing, voice and video conferencing.
  • Auto-Deploy Antenna: its an important antenna structure that is essential for crisis and disaster recovery cars and vessels.
  • Cellular Backhaul: extend your cellular coverage to the corporation remote camps to improving personnel welfare and health.
  • M2M and Tracking: track all your assets such as heavy trucks and valuable equipment with run SCADA platforms and projects in very remote areas.
  • Satellite mobile: bringing connectivity with high mobility features to your crews.
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