Oil And Gas

12-1024x682 - CopyIn the dynamic, fast-paced world of Oil and Gas operations, reliable connectivity is necessary. With crew safety and millions of dollars at stake on a daily basis, there is no space for error or delayed decision-making. Clearly communicated procedures and methods are business operations fundamentals, making communications one of the key essentials, enabling proper information flow in both routine and emergency situations, thus ensuring business runs efficiently at all times.

In order to address oil and gas industry challenges and requirements, ICASAT offers its services as managed services, as complete end-to-end solutions or as standalone services such as:

  • Satellite Internet: Connecting oil and gas rigs on the land and offshore to the internet to bring accessibility to the company personnel and staffs. 
  • Private Networks: establishing private network for your company and installing value-added services like IP telephony, file sharing and etc.
  • Auto-Deploy Antenna: for fast-establishing satellite networks and on-the-pause connectivity suitable for crisis and disaster recovery cars.
  • Marine Antenna: antenna system that is capable of resist on highly dynamic platforms appropriate for ships and offshore rigs.
  • Cellular Backhaul: providing cellular coverage with satellite backhaul for crews welfare.
  • M2M and Tracking: Satellite M2M connectivity for SCADA application and tracking oil and gas industry assets.
  • Satellite Mobile: Satellite based phone calls and sms through L-band satellite systems to bring more mobility to the peoples connections.
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