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    • 10 January 2024
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    Deep-water drilling is often a $10 million a day, mission-critical operation. If
    a signal drops, and an oil rig engineer can’t track their machinery for more than a
    few seconds, they have to shut down operations — or risk the safety of their crew.
    Safety is a priority — but that’s a lot of money down the drain.

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    • 27 November 2023
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    By Rachel Jewett

    Graphic of Starlink’s direct to cell function. Photo: SpaceX

    SpaceX is targeting direct-to-cell service that enables text messaging with the Starlink constellation in 2024, and voice and data and IoT service by 2025. SpaceX updated Starlink’s website with a new page focusing on direct-to-cell service.

    SpaceX Chief Engineer Elon Musk previously gave the target that Starlink would enter beta service for direct-to-cell with T-Mobile in late 2023. Read more

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    • 27 September 2023
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    Starlink, a satellite constellation operated by aerospace company SpaceX, lost 212 satellites in the period spanning July 18th and September 18th, data compiled by satellitemap.space shows.

    Data shows the number of burned-up satellites steadily increasing over the past three years, but a significant spike can be observed starting the month of July.

    It’s unclear whether these satellites were scheduled to de-orbit or whether the burn-ups were a result of a failure. Cybernews has reached out to SpaceX for comment but has not received a response.

    Some experts questioned the accuracy of numbers posted on the tracker website, saying they appeared to be unusually high. According to satellitemap.space, its data is based on public tracking information published on space-track.org and elsewhere

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    • 23 September 2023
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    Born and raised in Iran, Tabassi says she always dreamed of being a scientist. She graduated in electronics from Sharif University of Technology in Tehran and then immigrated to the US to continue education in 1994 and began working at the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) five years later on various machine-learning and computer-vision projects with applications in biometrics evaluation and standards.

    Earlier in her career, she was the principal architect of NIST’s Fingerprint Image Quality (NFIQ), now an international standard for measuring fingerprint image quality, which has been deployed by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.

    Nearly five years ago, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) began building a program to advance the development of trustworthy and responsible AI systems. It was Elham Tabassi, an electrical engineer and chief of staff of the institute’s IT lab, who pitched moving the conversation about the impact of AI from principles to practical policy implementation.

    Her suggestion proved markedly consequential. After Tabassi’s team started doing research around AI security and bias, Congress mandated NIST (part of the Commerce Department) to develop a voluntary risk-management framework for trustworthy AI systems as part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2021.

    She proceeded to lead that effort, and in January 2023 unveiled the final framework designed to help users and developers of AI analyze and address the risks associated with AI systems while providing practical guidelines to address and minimize such risks.

    The 2023 TIME100 AI list also features 99 other people, like CEOs, founders and co-founders, including Elon Musk of xAI, Sam Altman of OpenAI, Andrew Hopkins of Exscientia, Nancy Xu of Moonhub, Kate Kallot of Amini, Pelonomi Moiloa of Lelapa AI, Jack Clark of Anthropic, Raquel Urtasan of Waabi, Aidan Gomez of Cohere and more.

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  • Date:8/28/2023

    The Inmarsat-6 F2 satellite could be a total loss due to an anomaly with the power subsystem that occurred during orbit raising, Viasat said in an update Thursday afternoon. Viasat and manufacturer Airbus are investigating the cause of the issue and if the satellite will be able to perform its mission

    Airbus advised the anomaly is an “unprecedented event,” as it has never had a telecommunications satellite fail in orbit

    But it’s not unprecedented for Viasat — this could be the company’s second recent satellite failure. The operator’s long-awaited flagship ViaSat-3 has an issue with its solar array, but Viasat hasn’t declared it a total loss yet.

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    Reference:https://www.satellitetoday.com/#satellite #Inmarsat #Satellite news #Inmarsat 6 F2

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    • 08 December 2019
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    Today, we are thrilled to announce that ST Engineering’s acquisition of Newtec is officially complete – and we welcome Newtec into ST Engineering as part of our Satellite Communications (satcom) business within ST Engineering Electronics. Over the coming months we will integrate Newtec’s business with that of ST Engineering iDirect.


    This bold move brings two satellite industry leaders together establishing a dynamic new powerhouse to serve your biggest ambitions. Our goal is to create the world’s most advanced satellite ground capabilities – uniting our technology heritage and passion for innovation – to deliver much more to you than we ever could before.


    Now, as one combined business group, we will execute a streamlined process to fully integrate the two entities, covering business operations, sales and marketing, and the corresponding product portfolios, with the result being a unified go-to-market strategy and over time a converged technology offering.


    Over the next 90 days we will conduct a joint deep dive into our combined products and technologies. This will enable us to identify the best offerings from both entities and options for leveraging them in ways that most effectively address our customers’ needs.

    To drive higher brand visibility and position the company for greater commercial impact and marketing presence, Newtec will be renamed as ST Engineering iDirect (Europe) NV. In line with the name change, it will adopt ‘ST Engineering’ as its corporate brand. Both changes take effect from 3 October 2019.


    As we integrate, we will make decisions in our combined customers’ best interests based on these priorities:

    • Commitment to converged technologies and unified roadmap. We will maintain the two product brands, iDirect and Newtec, during our integration phase. As we work towards a unified technology strategy and product offering, we will consult with you to determine the best product fit for your future needs.
    • An enhanced and integrated product portfolio. We are combining best-in-breed technologies – iDirect’s unparalleled networking and mobility features with Newtec’s ground-breaking innovations in performance and efficiency – and will offer converged technologies that will lead our industry forward and deliver the best possible solutions to the market.
    • Customer investment prioritized. Many of you utilize both iDirect and Newtec platforms, which delivered the best technology for your applications. Your investments will be prioritized to ensure the most optimal path for you so that you realize the benefits of the combined entity with minimal operational disruption.
    • Expanded access to accelerate your growth. You will gain access to a partner that offers you the scale you require to succeed in this transforming market; one with a wider breadth of integrated capabilities and offerings that can proactively anticipate and better meet your needs across multiple market segments.
    • Quicker time to market with new innovation. With our combined strengths, scale, common vision and focused approach, we will be able to accelerate our time to market and deliver solutions to you in the time frame that a transforming industry demands.


    Through all these advances, you will continue to receive the same high-quality level of service and solutions as you expect, and with the added peace of mind that they come from one large, trusted and integrated group.


    You can anticipate frequent and transparent communications from us validating our key decisions as we bring our technologies together and plan new capabilities. As we go through the integration process, be assured we will provide the best path forward based on whatever technology you have invested in.


    This is a pivotal time in our future and in yours. As we become a united force in the market we are thrilled to share our journey and our future success with you.

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    • 13 February 2017
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    International Communication Age with SATellite also known as ICASAT participated in the greatest ICT information technology industry event in oil & gas market that was held at 29th and 30th January 2017. This event took apart in the Beheshti international university at Tehran.

    The exhibition also accompanied with a conference talking about the new directions and technologies in using IT on oil & gas industry.

    ICASAT in exhibition section demonstrated the corporation services for oil & gas market providing business grade satellite connectivity for off-shore and land-based telecommunication with advance of internet, intranet and corporate connectivity, VoIP and many others.

    ICASAT is a leader company on providing innovations in satellite-based connectivity such as M2M, Ka-band and HTS specially solutions suitable for IoT networks. The company also has one of the biggest teleport sites locating many hub stations to service various vertical market costumers.

    In addition to present the company satellite-based connectivity solutions, ICASAT attended to conference by presenting two papers with the titles “the role of satellite communications in the oil and gas industry and its future” and “machine-to-machine communication (M2M) internet-of-things (IoT) via satellite and its application in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry”.

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    • 08 January 2017
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    ICASAT is participating on 17th TELECOM exhibition referring to presenting all of Iranian and foreign companies incorporating on communication, electronic and information basis. The main companies are active in software and hardware devices and application related to different information technology areas specially telecommunication and all the related industries as well. ICASAT as a part of important telecommunication company in Iran and as the biggest satellite-based communication service provider is present at this show. We demonstrated our services to our visitors with main focus on maritime antenna and telecommunication services, and also our wide variety of product for banking and oil & gas markets.

    ICASAT with the help of state-of-the-art teleport equipment and high speed infrastructure link communication to Iran and Global wide area networks, and also more than a decade experience in servicing multiple market segments, Is one of the greatest SAP license holder for providing satellite-based communication services in Iran. Our solutions include VSAT telecommunication solutions such as point-to-point SCPC, star and mesh networks with adaptive and high efficiency multiple access technologies like TDM/TDMA, DVB-S2/A-TDMA, MCPC/SCPC and so on. We serve enterprise and governments with advanced satellite-based telecommunication technologies for market sectors such as:
    - Maritime
    - Oil & gas
    - Banking and financial Institutes
    - Auto-Deploy antennas for disaster reliefs and crisis management
    - Enterprise and private networks
    - Satellite internet for all sector markets
    - Mining and rural industries

    In this exhibition, we demonstrate to our customers and visitors our KNS marine antennas solutions and latest installations of auto-deploy antennas for satellite communication-on-the-move solutions. Contact us to know more about our latest services with info@icasat.net .

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    • 31 March 2014
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    ICASAT will attend Irantelecom 2014 fair which is held at the Tehran international fair. ICASAT marketing and sales manager, announced the new technologies and services which are going to be introduced to the visitors  like Ka-Band, HTS, Frequency reusing technologies. Meanwhile he invited all people active in different ICT areas to visit ICASAT booth at 8th and 9th hall.

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