Cellular Back-haul

Cellular networks rely predominantly on landline backhaul for communication between the core network (MSC, BSC, etc.) and the BTS on the access side. Due to substantial delay and the traditionally high cost of space-based bandwidth, satellite backhaul is used only when there is no viable terrestrial alternative – for example over long-distances, in isolated locations or in hostile terrain where a copper, fiber or microwave terrestrial connection are either not economically justified or not possible.

Cellular-Backhaul-300ICASAT with its novel iDirect solutions, now offers a much more cost effective alternative to terrestrial cellular backhaul. Through its iDirect technology, ICASAT modems can transmit 30% to 60% more data compared with state of the art equipment based on industry standards using the same bandwidth.

By dramatically cutting the cost of space-based bandwidth and delivering easy-to-implement high-quality and highly resilient NovelSat modems, satellite-based cellular backhaul can become a reliable, cost-effective component of your cellular backhaul network.

 typical cellular backhaul network components:


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