Disaster Relief

sadFast and easy installation of satellite transmission terminals is the major advantage of satellite communication methods. However, the best choice to emergency repercussion is to using satellite telecommunication.

In the case of disturbing terrestrial backbone to critical crisis locations in the times of compulsive events, the satellite communication could play vital role to lessen damages and losses. These critical events are not predictive but controllable.

Firefighting station and rescue centers in every province and state should equipped with satellite communication systems to converge to organization goal.

  • Satellite Internet: high speed internet access for crisis events.
  • Private Networks: having VoIP and other value-added services with various types of private networks and fully private access.
  • Auto-Deploy Antennas: fast and easy VSAT satellite antennas on the crisis place with auto-deploy antennas.
  • Cellular Backhaul: establishing temporary cellular base station connected to global cellular networks via satellite communication VSAT equipments.
  • M2M and satellite Tracking: machine-to-machine connections to remotely monitoring variouse sensor status and track assets while they are in move.
  • Satellite Mobile: global and high mobile L-band satellite voice calls with MSS systems.
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