Banking And Financial

banking-1ICASAT has been providing telecommunications solutions for the Finance and Banking industry for more than a decade. ICASAT provides solutions to deliver information securely and reliably and bridge geographical and operational challenges – so that financial institutions can concentrate on their core business objectives, knowing business and customer information is safe, secure and secluded.

In order to address Banking and Financial industry challenges and requirements, ICASAT offers its services as managed services, as complete end-to-end solutions or as standalone services such as:

  • Internet Connectivity: connecting your corporate branches and other remote agencies and devices to the internet.
  • Private Networks: connecting all your banks branches and offices into single private network with reliable and high speed satellite communication channel.
  • M2M and Tracking: it will brings you a highly reliable and low power consumption systems to track, monitor and control mobile devices. Nowadays, the pose terminals have very remote operations that needs a low cost and low bitrate connectivity that M2M offers.
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