About Us


About US

Founded in 2005, ICASAT (International Communication Age) is a SAP (Satellite Access Provider) company based in Iran which is licensed from CRA (Communication Regulatory Authority) for providing different kinds of satellite communication services. ICASAT has installed more than 2000 terminals all over Iran and neighbor countries using different technology platforms. ICASAT’s strategy for 2020 is to expand his market share in Iran and in neighbor countries and to deploy new technologies such as maritime, Ka-Band and HTS.

Our Company

ICASAT is a subsidiary company belongs to holding group consisting of SABA Industries, Pars Car, Iran Europe and ICASAT.

A Brief History

ICASAT established in 2004 and received the Satellite Access Provider (SAP) official license (10/12150) from CRA at the same year.

at 2005, ICASAT successfully installed  the first satellite hub infrastructures that was connected to high speed fiber-optic backbone for internet and intranet purposes to stating to provide satellite access services to costumers.

in 2007, with its innovative solutions, ICASAT proceeded to equipping the hub station to cellular backhaul requirements and  connected one of the Iran's province center of telephony switching network to the country's telephony network.

for the 2009, geographic redundancy, VSAT solution is established at ICASAT and one of the greatest banking costumers in Iran joined to this company to receive TDM/TDMA satellite-based network service with up to 2000 station points.

later years in 2014, ICASAT attained Romantis VSAT remotes and hubs and this company in after, could claim that most of the available satellite network topology can provide to costumers. M2M and skyware(later Orbcomm) at 2015 was the next developing areas of this company.

in 2015, ICASAT made a contract with Korean-based company, KNS to get exclusive sell and servicing of maritime and SOTM/COTM antenna systems to various fields of market.

ICASAT profession

ICASAT has more than a decade experience in various VSAT platforms and is well tested them on real projects as well. iDirect, Romantis, newtec and comtech are the main high quality and globally known brands that ICASAT has worked on.

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