Marine Antennas

A ship rolling and pitching in the sea proves to be a difficult dynamic environment. Satellite antennas in such applications require gyro stabilization in order to accurately receive or transmit data. These antennas can only accommodate a small amount of pointing error before being rendered unable to communicate with the satellite.

Page-103Auto-Tracking Stabilized Antenna System is specifically used in the marine industry for offshore VSAT communication. Stabilized Antenna System allows the antenna to maintain an accurate pointing to the satellite regardless of the marine vessel movement.

Stabilized Antenna System consist of antenna (size ranging from 0.96 meter up to 2.4 meter equivalent) housed in a radome. The antenna is mounted on 3-axis pedestal with high-torque motors that control the antenna movement. This allows unlimited 360° azimuth turning and 0° to 90° elevation range. This movement is controlled by the Auto-Tracking Controller that gets vessel movement reading from the vessel onboard gyro-compass or external GPS compass system.

The system can compensate vessel movement of up to +/- 20° roll and up to +/- 15° pitch. This translates to stabilization accuracy of less than 0.2° peak misprinting in full motion.

The stabilized antenna system can work with any of the VSAT solution, in particular the SCPC network. This solution is being used widely onboard sea vessels such as tankers, offshore FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading Vessel), semi-submersible drilling rigs, ships and cruisers.

ICASAT owner of specialized engineers for installing and running marine antennas for over a decade is capable of work with high quality marine antenna manufacturers such as intellian, EPAK and seatel. ICASAT also is official representative of KNS marine antennas for both VSAT and TVRO products in Iran.

below is a typical network structure of ICASAT marine solutions. our value-added services of marine solutions such as Internet, VoIP, Video Conference and Intranet is provided by ICASAT teleport station in Tehran.



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