with more than a decade of experience in servicing a broad range of costumers in different vertical markets and various communication requirements, we claim to get your fundamental needs for your beefiness in communication and we can suggest you plenty of offers that is suitable for your needs.


from feasibility study to proposing complicated, hybrid satellite and terrestrial networks to project management and installing and maintaining satellite equipment are all we can do at ICASAT. our broad rang of satellite communication products could cover different vertical markets. here there are some of the special ICASAT expertise in satellite communication industry:

  • internet and wide area satellite networks
  • security in satellite networks
  • satellite connectivity in marine and deep-oceans
  • SATCOM-On-The-Move (SOTM) and SATCOM-On-The-Pause (SOTP)
  • hybrid satellite-terrestrial networks

you can contact us to ask about different satellite communication solution from our experts.

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