Private Networks

Our VSAT managed services are ideal for large businesses that need to transmit critical or time sensitive data from and to their business locations in areas with no or limited connectivity. It is also an ideal alternative route for businesses looking to back up their traditional telecommunication networks.

with powerfull iDirect, Romantis, newtec and comtech VSAT platforms, we can establish satellite based networks according to costumers need. advanced over-the-air access technologies such as DVB-S2 and also adaptive ones, is the most important feature of ICASAT's private network solutions.

Value-added Services:

after connecting two or more VSAT station altogether, there are several service that can be run over established networks. they can provide valuable options such:

  • VoIP and voice calling system
  • Video conferencing
  • File sharing
  • Internet

Satellite Coverage:

out fleet of satellite coverage is vast and covers the most areas of the middle east, europe and north africa. we can cover full area of Iran. more about our satellites and coverages can be found on our coverage page.


ICASAT's network typologies and access schemes:

point-to-point connections

this type of connection is ideal  for those costumers who would like to connect two stations with dedicated bandwith. SCPC acronym for Single-Channel-Per-Carrier is a simple connection that brings dedicated high speed access wihtout any hub station. all of ICASAT modems and terminals from iDirect to Romantis and Comtech can be used to create this network.


point-to-multi point connection (star)

to connecting multiple stations that are located in different geographical area, star topology is the best choice because hub based and shared bandwidth will cause the cost to break down. there are various types of star access schemes that brings shared and dedicated bandwidth to a group of stations. ICASAT is capable of establishing these network configuration with its high performance VSAT platforms:

TDM/TDMA: or commonly known as time division multiple access is a way of sharing a bandwidth between various stations. this technique have other versions such as TDM/MF-TDMA that work very similiar and DVB-S2/TDMA that have DVB-S2 carrier in the outbound and TDM-A-TDMA that is adaptive type of TDM/TDMA.


MCPC/SCPC: this star type topology is used when multiple stations wants to have dedicated bandwith in term of connecting from station to central hub.


DAMA SCPC: this technique is adaptive version of SCPC access technology. in times of idle state or no consumption of any remote, its bandwidth is dynamically assigned to other stations that are using bandwidth.


Mesh Topology:

if you want to have a minimum round trip delay that led to lower link delay suitable for better VoIP quality and convenience. mesh topology let every two stations to communicate to each other in just only one hop. this technology is ideal for real-time applications.



as its name implies, Hubless-TDMA is a mesh type access scheme that makes a mesh/star network without being necessary to have a hub station. one of the stations actually acts as a hub to coordinate time slots to all stations.


ICASAT has more solutions for private networks specially hybrid solutions. please contact us if you would like to have any consultant.

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