Government and Enterprise

Information technology that is an inseparable part of today marketing needs communication infrastructures. Computer networks are the vital section of every corporate. In these days, the communication technologies in level of WAN, LAN and WAN connects multiple points of short and long distances around the globe. Much of the mentioned technologies use optic fiber or copper wire substructures to carry information so then they really have not developed and stabled so far.

gat - CopySatellite telecommunication services that are independent of terrestrial infrastructures could bring us convenient and safe connectivity. Regardless of geographical distance, they can connect various offices and branches of a corporate to central office or data center in very high availability (99.9 percent) rates.

ICASAT with eno
rmous and almost one decade experience in the field of commissioning satellite telecommunication services for banks, oil and gas companies, industries and mines, automobile manufacturing, construction and building, is ready to cooperate with your company.

ICASAT's services that is aimed to be selected by enterprise applications consist of:

  • Satellite internet: Establishing internet service by private hub or ICASAT teleport hub satellite communication equipment.
  • Private networks: various types of satellite network typologies for large-scale corporate needs.
  • Auto-Deploy antennas: equipping moving vehicles to auto-deploy antennas for fast and agile connectivity.
  • M2M and satellite tracking: monitor and track your corporate assets via satellite tracking devices.
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