Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet service appears to be becoming more and more popular. Once the exclusive domain of exploration companies and war journalists, there are now thousands of people with an extra dish on the home or RV. Part of the reason for this is that certain technologies have increased the bandwidth and decreased the cost.

Now, there are geostationary satellites. That’s a fancy word for saying the satellite stays still in relation to your position on Earth. You have to set the dish up just once and, barring windstorms or worse, the dish stays in constant communication with the satellite. also satellite internet has numerous application in today's industrial world.


ICASAT is a leading internet service provider in Iran that currently has CRA's licence to servicing organizations satellite-based internet. with using powerfull satellite VSAT platforms such as iDirect (iNFINITI, Evolution and Velocity series), Romantis UHP, newtec and comtech, we provide first-class, high performance and high speed, reliable satellite internet. ICASAT's teleport in Tehran is connected to internet backbone with fiber-optic equipment providing high availability connectivity.

ICANET features:

  • speed support up to 2048 Mbps downlink and 1024 Mbps uplink
  • Traffic control capability with fast update rate
  • static or dynamic IP allocation
  • ACM support to maintaining satellite link in bad weather conditions
  • TCP and HTTP link acceleration
  • efficient bandwidth management

different service link speeds are available how wants to select best options according to their needs. here we announce our costumers uplink/downlink speeds.

Service Uplink Bandwidth(kbps) Downlink Bandwidth (kbps)
 ICANET1  64  64
 ICANET2  64  128
 ICANET3  64  192
 ICANET4  64  256
 ICANET5  128  128
 ICANET6  128  256
 ICANET7  128  384
 ICANET8  128  512
 ICANET9  256  256
 ICANET10  256  512
 ICANET11  256  768
 ICANET12  256  1024
 ICANET13  512  512
 ICANET14  512  1024
 ICANET15  512  1536
 ICANET16  512  2048
 ICANET17  1024  1024
 ICANET18  1024  2048
 ICANET19  1024  3072
 ICANET20  1024  4096

Satellite Interent Coverage:

ICASAT's numerous satellite partners in Iran and other behind regions makes a great coverage to our costumers. for full view of ICASAT coverage beams please see it in our full coverage page.


before contracting with our costumers, ICASAT makes an agreement (SLA) to grantee a level of service option.

ICANET Network:

satellite internet service is actually a teleport-based service which has a hub station that is connected to internet backbone. in ICANET network there is a hub station located in ICASAT teleport in Tehran and is linked by power-full satellites to costumers terminals.


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